Start Your Cybersecurity Career with OffSec’s SEC-100: CyberCore – Security Essentials.

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new course and certification, SEC-100: CyberCore – Security Essentials! The OffSec Learning Library is an ever-expanding training platform for cybersecurity workforce skills. We are delighted to announce our latest addition to this platform: SEC-100: CyberCore Security Essentials! SEC-100: CyberCore – Security Essentials Are you ready to […]

Cybercore VS CEH

OffSec CyberCore vs CEH: Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Training Path

SEC-100: CyberCore – Security Essentials, created by OffSec and Macksofy Technologies, for those security professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn by way of carrying out tasks in a real-life setting. Unlike conventional methods, OffSec CyberCore – Security Essentials is unique for its hands-on aspect, which makes it especially useful for people who want to […]

Top Cyber Security Domains

9 Popular Cyber-security Jobs Right Now

9 Popular Cyber-security Jobs Right Now With the world becoming more digital, there are a wide variety of cybersecurity careers available. This post describes the expectations for nine of the best opportunities to help you narrow down your alternatives. Many people in today’s environment, whether for work or play, depend on technology and the internet. […]


Master the Art of Cybersecurity with OSCP Training at Macksofy Technologies

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is more vital than ever. With rising cyber threats and breaches, businesses throughout the world need professional people to defend their digital assets. The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is a gold standard among cybersecurity certifications. If you live in India and wish to become a certified ethical hacker, Macksofy [...]

Why CEH Training with Macksofy Technologies Institute in Mumbai, India

Introduction to CEH training. Anyone interested in becoming a cybersecurity specialist must first complete Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training. With the rise of cyber threats in today's digital world, there is a bigger need than ever for skilled ethical hackers. Choosing the right training institution is important for your success in this industry. If you [...]

Comparison between OSCP and CPENT

As the world’s reliance on technology grows, enterprises must prioritize cybersecurity to secure their data and networks from cyber threats. Penetration testing, often known as ethical hacking, is one of the most valuable skills in the cybersecurity industry. Professionals wanting to get into the profession frequently seek certifications to validate their abilities and knowledge. The […]

New High-Severity Vulnerabilities Discovered in Cisco IOx and F5 BIG-IP Products

F5 has warned of a high-severity flaw impacting BIG-IP appliances that could lead to denial-of-service (DoS) or arbitrary code execution. The issue is rooted in the iControl Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface and affects the following versions of BIG-IP - 13.1.5 - 14.1.5 - 15.1.8 - 16.1.3, and 17.0.0 "A format [...]