HackTheBox Writeup – Luanne

Greetings from Macksofy Technologies. Below is the detailed walkthrough of the Luanne machine which got retired from HackTheBox

The IP of this box is

Port Scan

There were 3 Open Ports found, Port 22, 80 and 9001 respectively

Checking the web, it asks for basic authentication

Default random credentials didn’t worked here, so checked robots.txt file and got a disallowed entry as /weather

The directory returns a 404 error, but from the robots file it told us its still harvesting cities

Running Gobuster, I found a directory named /forecast

The directory is an API which is returning a 200 status code and also a message saying that no city is specified and also tells us to use the city parameter to list the available cities

Listing out the cities , I got 13 cities listed as shown

Injecting a single quote in the end of the argument value, it returns a Lua error in the response

Using command execution payload for Lua as shown to print the message hello

Now execution shell command to run the id command using the os.execute functionality

Since command execution was confirmed, I took a reverse shell successfully

Enumerating the web, I found a .htpasswd file which has the hash for webapi_user

Using hashcat to crack the hash successfully to iamthebest

Checking locally open ports, it was found Port 3000 and Port 3001 was open

Checking the process running, it can be seen that httpd is running locally on Port 3001

Using curl command to get the contents using the basic authentication locally and found a id_rsa file listed

Getting the contents of the private ssh key using the same way

Connecting to the user r.michaels using the private key successfully

Checking the current user directory, there was a backups folder

Inside the backups directory, was a encrypted zip file which was encrypted using netpgp

Use netpgp tool to decrypt the file and get the zip file

Inside the zip folder there was another .htpasswd hash found

Used hashcat tool to crack the password to littlebear

Used the password to run the sh shell as root and provide the password which I got and it led me to root shell successfully

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