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OSWE Training And Certification

The advanced web application security course is called Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (WEB-300). We provide instruction on how to perform white box web app penetration tests.

The  OSWE Training And Certification (WEB-300 ) update for 2021 includes three new modules, updated content from previous versions, new hardware, and updated videos.

The Offensive Security Online Expert (OSWE) certification, which demonstrates proficiency in attacking front-facing web programmes, is awarded to students who successfully complete the course and exam. Along with the OSEP for advanced pentesting and the OSED for exploit creation, the OSWE is one of three certificates that make up the new OSCE3 certification.

Offensive Security WEB-300 and the OSWE Certification

With an Offensive Security Learn subscription, you may now progress at your own pace. You can also choose to complete the WEB-300 and OSWE Certification training at the offices of Macksofy Technoligies, which is Offensive Security’s accredited learning partner for its InfoSec courses. A committed learner will flourish and reach the information security industry’s seemingly unreachable heights under the guidance of our outstanding instructors since Craw Security offers mentors and trainers with 10+ years of experience in the field.


  • Experienced penetration testers who want to better understand white box web app pentesting
  • Web application security specialists
  • Web professionals working with the codebase and security infrastructure of a web application

Benefits Of OSWE- WEB 300

  • Perform a deep analysis on decompiled web app source code
  • Identify logical vulnerabilities that many enterprise scanners are unable to detect
  • Combine logical vulnerabilities to create a proof of concept on a web app
  • Exploit vulnerabilities by chaining them into complex attacks


  • The WEB-300 web application security course and online lab prepares you for the OSWE certification
  • 48-hour exam
  • Proctored
  • Learn more about the exam

OSWE Training And Certification


WEB-300 focuses on white box web app pentest methods. The bulk of your time will be spent analyzing source code, decompiling Java, debugging DLLs, manipulating requests, and more, using tools like Burp Suite, dnSpy, JD-GUI, Visual Studio, and the trusty text editor. The course covers the following topics in detail. For a more complete breakdown of the course modules, please refer to the WEB-300 syllabus.

OSWE Training and Certifications: WEB-300 

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with CSRF and RCE
  • JavaScript Prototype Pollution
  • Advanced Server Side Request Forgery
  • Web security tools and methodologies
  • Source code analysis
  • Persistent cross-site scripting
  • Session hijacking
  • .NET deserialization
  • Remote code execution
  • Blind SQL injections
  • Data exfiltration
  • Bypassing file upload restrictions and file extension filters
  • PHP type juggling with loose comparisons
  • PostgreSQL Extension and User Defined Functions
  • Bypassing REGEX restrictions
  • Magic hashes
  • Bypassing character restrictions
  • UDF reverse shells
  • PostgreSQL large objects
  • DOM-based cross site scripting (black box)
  • Server side template injection
  • Weak random token generation
  • XML external entity injection
  • RCE via database functions
  • OS command injection via WebSockets (black box)
  • Performing advanced web app source code auditing
  • Analyzing code, writing scripts, and exploiting web vulnerabilities
  • Implementing multi-step, chained attacks using multiple vulnerabilities
  • Using creative and lateral thinking to determine innovative ways of exploiting web vulnerabilities
  • 10-hour video series
  • PDF course guide (410+ pages)
  • Private labs
  • Active student forums
  • Access to virtual lab environment
  • Closed Captioning is available for this course

Course prerequisites For OSWE Training And Certification

  • Comfort reading and writing at least one coding language
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Ability to write simple Python / Perl / PHP / Bash scripts
  • Experience with web proxies
  • General understanding of web app attack vectors, theory, and practice

What Our Students Say About Us

Christian Dsouza
Christian Dsouza
Really good place to learn ethical hacking. The teaching is really good and helpful and also got more people to connect for the future. They even guide you in what to do further even after the course is completed.
maniar hasan
maniar hasan
Awesome training is provided by the expertise in the institute.Greta practical knowledge and and good hands on on live websites and System.
somesh bhatnagar
somesh bhatnagar
I did my CEH certification training from Macksofy in 2019. The set of instructors, Yasir Sir and Team are just awsome. Apart from learning, it was an experience in itself. The instructor are very cooperative and thorough in their subject. It was more of learning trough practical exercises, which helped me clear the CEHv10 like a breeze. I highly recommend CEH training from Macksofy.

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